And the Gates Opened: Women in the Rabbinate

Aired 2004-05 on ABC and 2005-06 on NBC. Produced by Diva Communications 

Presented by The Jewish Theological Seminary In May of 1985 Amy Eilberg made Conservative Jewish history as she stood to receive Smicha, rabbinic ordination, from The Jewish Theological Seminary. This landmark event in the history of the 118 year old movement represented a seismic shift for Conservative Jews world wide and the long term impact is only just beginning to be felt. As JTS prepared to celebrate the 20th anniversary of women’s ordination, this documentary explores the history leading up to the entry of women into the rabbinate and investigates the legacy this new paradigm is creating for the next generation of religious and lay leaders. From 1972 when the Reform movement first ordained Sally Priesand to today when a young Bat Mitzvah girl can hope to one day be a rabbi; “women rabbis have gradually begun reshaping the contours of Conservative Judaism, providing fresh perspectives on Jewish tradition and new models of gendered behavior in Jewish practice.” {Tradition Renewed Volume Two "The Politics of Women’s Ordination" Beth S. Wenger}

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