Legacy of Our Ancestors: 350th Anniversary Celebration of Jewish Colonial America

Aired 2003-04. Produced by Diva Communications

This documentary explores the foundations of Jewish America which began 350 years ago in New Amsterdam. The period between 1650 and 1820 was a fertile time in Jewish history as freedom of religious expression was taking root in a land of budding economic opportunity. Early American Sephardic Jews established an extraordinary presence along the Eastern Coast from Savannah to Newport with New Amsterdam (later to be named New York) at the epicenter. This program paints a picture of life as an early American Jew, illuminating the challenges they faced balancing a religious life in a secular world; challenges that American Jews continue to grapple with today. "Legacy of our Ancestors" features renowned historians Eli Faber, Jonathan Sarna, Hasia Diner and many others, along with testimonials from direct descendants of original colonists who personalize the history and make it relevant to today.

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