Aired 2003-04. “Peacemakers" was a well-illustrated broadcast which presented insights and hope about an urgent human issue. There has been much discussion about war and peace in many places around the world. As of late, a debate has developed about whether the war in Iraq is a just war. For some people, however, the central issue is how to prevent wars and how to work to bring peace, and forgiveness where there has been war. The broadcast presented some of the world's peacemakers and their programs. John Paul Lederach, professor of peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame, is a Mennonite, and has worked in West Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland and elsewhere. He works to bring people together and he finds courageous people working in difficult circumstances for peace. Rev. Patricia Ackerman, an Episcopal priest, is part of the Fellowship of Reconciliation's Iraq working group. Through this group, Ackerman worked to empower and protect the women of Iraq. Dr. William Vendley, Secretary General, World Conference of Religions for Peace, assisted religious communities around the world to work together to bring an end to violence. He also worked to promote the role of women within various religious organizations. Lastly, we heard from Masanko Banda, Vice President, Pathways To Peace, who worked for peace around the world using drums, music and dance. He has taken his drums to Sierra Leone and to Croatia's refugee camps to rehabilitate young people traumatized by violence. Whether it be tribes, clans, nations, or religions fighting each other, there are people at war and people hurting. The peacemakers showed up to prevent conflicts and to help heal the wounds of conflicts. The program presented just a few of the world's peacemakers, their organizations, programs and insights. CBS network air date: Sunday, October 12, 2003.