Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives

Aired 2011-12 on ABC and both 2012-13 and 2013-14 on NBC. Produced by Third Way Media, National Council of Churches USA and InnerAttainment TV The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the associated use of terrorism as a weapon of choice have reshaped how many people view Islam generally and their Muslim neighbors in particular.  Meanwhile, the memory of the Christian cross as a battle symbol invokes fear in Muslim extremists and moderates alike.  Adherents of these two religions, both springing from the same birthplace, are experiencing a renewed polarization.

Yet both groups contain a long history of emphasizing peace, tolerance and understanding. These threads of peace get drowned out in the cacophony of images and sounds offered by the media.  In this program, we were reminded of the role of peace in both camps.  We met Christians and Muslims, sometimes working together, sometimes separately, who had dedicated their lives to keeping alive the flame of peace that burns in both faiths.'

Learn More About this Program: www.WagingPeaceAlternatives.com.

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Christmas Mass: Come All Ye Faithful

Aired 2011-12. Christmas Mass: Come All Ye Faithful

Celebrate Christmas with a special broadcast of Midnight Mass from Buffalo, N.Y., and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent Chapel, a unique two-sided chapel that is part of the Felician Sisters’ Villa Maria Complex which is listed on the State and National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Bishop Edward U. Kmiec, bishop of Buffalo, will be the celebrant.  He invites viewers to join in the joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus through prayer, meditation and song.

Music and carols will be provided by the St. Joseph Cathedral Choir, the Paraclete Conservatory Chamber Choir, a children’s choir, and brass soloists.  Women religious from a number congregations in the Diocese of Buffalo will also participate.  Seminarians from Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora, N.Y. will assist in the celebration.

Join Buffalo’s diverse community of Catholics in this celebration of Christ’s birth.

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DVD copies of the program are available by calling 1-716-847-8721 or online at daybreaktv.org.

Every Day is Sunday!

Aired 2011-12. EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY!Living Out Our Faith TogetherPresented by the National Council of Churches USA; Produced by MarbleVision Everyday Americans live out their faith caring for AIDS patients, helping to “Green” our precious environment or finding common ground between different faith groups – for them EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY!  Hosted by Dr. Michael B. Brown, Senior Minister of Marble Collegiate Church, this one-hour documentary EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! tells their compelling stories. Many Americans attend Church on Sunday* - they go for an hour or two; sing a hymn, listen to Scripture, hear a sermon and then they reenter their lives, leaving their faith inside the Church.  But the people you’ll meet in EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! have found that their faith goes with them where there are people in need – indeed, they bring “Church” with them. EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! will explore and define the possiblities of an active Christian life in the 21st Century.   Produced by MarbleVision, the media ministry of Marble Collegiate Church View the trailer: *Gallup International indicates that 41%of American citizens report they regularly attend religious services

Harmony in Faith

Aired 2011-12. Produced by Oblate Media and Communication; Produced with funding from the Catholic Communication Campaign This Program travels from coast-to-coast with images of Asian celebrations, including: a Korean celebration at the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC; a Filipino celebration in San Francisco; a multi-cultural “Chautauqua” in Bay Point, CA; and the Vietnamese “Marian Days” where some 40,000 attend this spectacular event held annually at the former Oblate Novitiate in Carthage, MO.

We also hear personal stories of faith and struggle: a Vietnamese refugee who spent three weeks crossing the sea in a small boat before landing in Malaysia where he was held in a detention camp for seven years; a leader of the Kmhmu community in Oakland tells of their struggles with language and poverty, and a deacon with the Tongan community talks about raising children in a new culture so different from the “island ways.”

Lea Salonga, Tony Award-winning star of the long running Broadway musical, Miss Saigon hosts the program.

Hope is Back! A Marble Collegiate Easter

Aired 2011-12. HOPE IS BACK! is a dynamic, joyful celebration of Easter – filled with touching music, life-changing stories of faith and a powerful sermon from Dr. Michael Brown. Shot on locations around New York City and at the historic Marble Collegiate Church, HOPE IS BACK! features a solo from Tony-award winner Ben Vereen singing the spirit-filled “Oh, Happy Day.” HOPE IS BACK! is an uplifting and positive celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ using contemporary metaphors grounded in solid theology.  As Dr. Brown says, “Our Faith contends that God’s power is greater than any challenges the world throws our way - that life is stronger than death and that hope is restored for us all.”

View the trailer for HOPE IS BACK:

Hope is Back! from Marble Collegiate Church on Vimeo. ABOUT MARBLE CHURCH Marble Church’s roots reach back almost 400 years, yet the congregation continues to grow and thrive in progressive and innovative ways.  Under the leadership of Dr. Michael B. Brown, Marble provides dynamic, positive spiritual direction to a diverse and embracing congregation in the heart of New York City and to the world via its media ministry.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, one of the greatest religious figures of the 20th century, led Marble Church for 52 years and wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking” while at Marble.

Please call Marble Collegiate Church: 800-626-2724

Embracing Aging: Families Facing Change

Aired 2011-12. Presented by the National Council of Churches USA; Produced by Third Way Media

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“I would like to be able to embrace my later years but I’m still scared because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” says Randi Gedaliah of New York City in a documentary Embracing Aging: Families Facing Change produced by Third Way Media (formerly Mennonite Media). Gedaliah’s father, Harry Davis, 86, is one of the elders featured in the program. The documentary addresses the universal topic of aging through the eyes of five extended families from across the country. The program probes phases of aging, retirement, housing options, care issues and options, relationships,aging in different cultures, and the role of faith and the church.


Kepulihan: Stories from the Tsunami

Aired 2011-12. Kepulihan: Stories from the Tsunami Presented by the National Council of Churches USA; Produced by the Presbyterian ChurchUSA

'Kepulihan: Stories from the Tsunami' chronicles the struggles and triumphs of three survivors -- Yadi, Mahmud, and Damai -- as they rebuild their communities and reclaim their lives. Each survivor chose to be part of this project and actively participated in the process of production and documentation. As the filmmakers returned to Sumatra each year, survivors were able to view their interviews and stories from the previous year, reflect upon where they had been and share new stories in the time line of their recovery. The result is a unique time-lapse documentary that captures the healing and transformation of each individual, while leveraging the power of story to the survivors. They remind us that life does not end with each disaster but continues to be reclaimed with each day.

DVDs are available from 800-524-2612 or visit our website: http://thetsunamifilm.com/

Proving Holiness

Aired 2011-12. Presented by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops What does it take to make a saint? Proving Holiness answers that question by leading viewers through the Roman Catholic Church*s canonization process. Producers travel to Poland, Rome and El Salvador as well as throughout the United States to follow the cause of four individuals*each at a different stage of the process. Ken Woodward, former religion editor for Newsweek and author of *Making Saints,* shares his insights about this extraordinary effort. Produced by Daybreak Production, Diocese of Buffalo..

For a copy of the DVD, call 716-847-8721.

Service of Lessons and Carols from Historic Trinity Church on Wall Street

Aired 2011-12. Presented by the National Council of Churches USA Trinity Church, an Episcopal Parish in the city of New York  presents the Service of Lessons and Carols, featuring the acclaimed Trinity Choir. This beloved Anglican service traces the birth of the Messiah from prophecy to fulfillment in scripture and song.  Favorite Christmas carols and hymns are featured throughout the service, sung by the Trinity Choir and congregation.

Audio CD available from Trinity Church: http://www.trinitywallstreet.org/shop/products/a-service-of-lessons-carols-cd/