Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives

Aired 2011-12 on ABC and both 2012-13 and 2013-14 on NBC. Produced by Third Way Media, National Council of Churches USA and InnerAttainment TV The rise of Islamic fundamentalism and the associated use of terrorism as a weapon of choice have reshaped how many people view Islam generally and their Muslim neighbors in particular.  Meanwhile, the memory of the Christian cross as a battle symbol invokes fear in Muslim extremists and moderates alike.  Adherents of these two religions, both springing from the same birthplace, are experiencing a renewed polarization.

Yet both groups contain a long history of emphasizing peace, tolerance and understanding. These threads of peace get drowned out in the cacophony of images and sounds offered by the media.  In this program, we were reminded of the role of peace in both camps.  We met Christians and Muslims, sometimes working together, sometimes separately, who had dedicated their lives to keeping alive the flame of peace that burns in both faiths.'

Learn More About this Program: www.WagingPeaceAlternatives.com.

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