John O'Boyle, producer
Easter Mysteries

Dr. Michael Brown
Senior Minister - Marble Collegiate Church

Chauncey Smith
Seventh Day Adventists

Claire Rung
Exec. Producer, Daybreak TV Productions
Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

Shaunta James-Boyd
E.C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic
St. Mark United Methodist Church

Jeremy Goldscheider
Producer, Lost Town


The IBC has brought Lost Town to a new audience who might not have ever discovered this important story about a fading chapter of the Holocaust. The IBC is doing great work in showcasing much needed educational, spiritual, and historical stories to our television landscape. Thank you!
— Jeremy Goldscheider, Producer

I am writing to you in my position as the Producer and Media Manager of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus. I am pleased to support the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission’s (IBC) application for organizational funding.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with you and the IBC over the past two years. In October-November 2015 we were able to distribute our film Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message to more than 130 ABC affiliates through our partnership with the IBC. This fall we hope to distribute another documentary film on faith and forgiveness being produced in conjunction with the Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis. Both of these opportunities are remarkable and rare occasions that allow faith based organizations to raise awareness and inform a wider audience about important spiritual themes including unity, spirituality, social justice and human rights. One of the dangers of our contemporary society is a “ghettoization” of faith groups in the media marketplace. The important work of the IBC allows religions to express their ideals, hopes and accomplishments in a way that not only educated but also elevates our ongoing public discourse on important debates.

In short, the IBC is a vital institution that helps to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding. We whole-heartedly support the mission of the IBC and encourage your efforts to secure external funding which will support the IBC mission well into the future.
— David Naglieri

I am writing in support of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission, under your very capable leadership. We have known each other for the past 8 years and I have personally viewed all of your documentaries and short devotional productions. I first met you when you were producing a documentary about people with disabilities in the faith community in 2009. You included a camp for people with disabilities that I had supervision over in this movie. It received enormous accolades from the disability community and the National United Methodist Women bought rights to use this documentary in their 2014 nation-wide mission study “Mission U.”
Grant funding for the IBC would enable you to continue this high quality of work. I know that the United Methodist Church will continue to use IBC documentaries to promote education and justice ministries in the world.
I hope any foundation you are applying to will give the IBC every consideration for grants now and in the future.
— Bishop Peggy A. Johnson, United Methodist Church
Never has there been a more poignant time for the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission’s (IBC) programming to reach millions of people. The fundamental messages of religious traditions and celebrations and the beauty of humanity through religious diversity are critical. To offer another way to look at ourselves and society that counters the highly exposed visuals of violence, de-humanization and immoral images. A fundamental alternative that is clearly desired based on the impressive number of major network affiliates who distribute IBC programming.
As the video and television component of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Daybreak TV Productions is most grateful for the effort and mission of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission. We have had the honor of providing Catholic liturgical celebrations and documentaries to IBC since 2007. The opportunity to share our stories and traditions of faith has been a highlight of our ministry and we hope to continue to work with IBC.
Of course this level of programming requires funding to provide network quality video productions and gratefully many foundations believe and support the mission of IBC. For this opportunity to continue for Daybreak and other religious groups, new foundations and money resources need to be made aware of this important work and needed organizational support. I have faith that there are people motivated to participate in providing quality, substantive programing to a massive audience. I believe people want to make a contribution to the health of society, offer an alternative to negative messages and know that they helped create a positive, thought provoking, and inspirational viewing alternative.
I am honored to write on behalf of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission and fully support their goal of securing funding for the continuation of this organization.
— Claire A. Rung - EP, Daybreak TV Productions

It is my pleasure to support Interfaith Broadcasting Commission in their efforts to seek funding for the great work that the Commission does to make intentional efforts to document the work and efforts made by those across faiths to help shape our nation into a better place. Your documentaries are vital in encouraging the plight for a better humanity and how investing time and energy into service in crucial to bring about change.
I have had the pleasure to participate in a documentary created by the Interfaith Commission. It was so rewarding and encouraging to learn about the work many are doing across this great country. It motivated me to stay in the fight to help health disparities as well as educated my community on why it is so important to stand in the gap for others. Documentaries such as this have the ability to change things for the better.
I wish you success in your endeavors and am here to assist in any way that I can.
— Schaunta James, CEO - E.C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic