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Nun teaching Reading for IBC website


Vision and Values - ABC

An intimate portrait of a group of American nuns, the Maryknoll Sisters, who have accompanied the disenfranchised in their struggle for social justice. By turns tragic and joyous, yet always inspirational, this insightful documentary is a revealing portrait of these courageous women. The film weaves together the nuns’ own affecting accounts of imprisonment and personal…

Sunflower & Woman with Umbrella

HOPE RISING: Trauma Healing in the Congo

Vision and Values - ABC

Through first-hand stories of former child soldiers, rape victims and war survivors, Hope Rising examines the question: Can the Bible heal? For the last twenty years, men, women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo have lived through what the United Nations described as one of the deadliest conflicts in modern African History. As a result, 50%…

Pope Francis kisses disabled man after having popemobile stop as he made his way through St. Peter's Square


Vision and Values - ABC

An in-depth look at how the Catholic Church is rapidly changing under the leadership and vision of Pope Francis. This action–‐packed documentary takes you behind the scenes to see what makes this incredible, modern Pope tick. The film raises the essential question: what happens now? Will those who are inspired by Pope Francis transform their…