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Pope Francis kisses disabled man after having popemobile stop as he made his way through St. Peter's Square


Vision and Values - ABC
Broadcast: February 8, 2015 — April 9, 2015 ON AIR

An in-depth look at how the Catholic Church is rapidly changing under the leadership and vision of Pope Francis. This action–‐packed documentary takes you behind the scenes to see what makes this incredible, modern Pope tick. The film raises the essential question: what happens now? Will those who are inspired by Pope Francis transform their…


EVERY WORD HAS POWER: The Poetry of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Vision and Values - ABC
Broadcast: May 5, 2015 — July 4, 2015

Unquestionably, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was one of the great religious figures of the 20th century. He was also one of the most important social critics of his time, being an outspoken supporter of the civil rights movement and equally vocal against the Vietnam war, a renowned philosopher, scholar, teacher and mystic. But a poet?…

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