Faith Works: Across the USA 2005

Aired 2005-06. 202-541-3204 Produced by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops


Roman Catholics make up nearly one-fourth of the population of the United States, but the many ways that they put their beliefs into action are not always front page news.  Last year alone, Catholic schools and colleges educated more than three million students, Catholic hospitals treated 83 million patients and Catholic Charities assisted more than seven million individuals who were in need of help.


In 2004, we introduced viewers to some of the every day Catholic heroes who are the flesh and blood behind some of these impressive statistics. This year, we will tell the stories of more Catholics who are finding new and innovative ways to improve the lives of others.  "Faith Works: Across the USA 2005” will go on location to introduce more inspiring individuals that provide a sense of the breadth, depth and diversity of Catholic ministry in our nation.