Saints and Strangers

Aired 2002-03. 888-241-9282 "Saints and Strangers" examines the religious and spiritual roots of the men and women who founded our country – from the earliest settlers in Jamestown, through the fervent patriotism of the pre-Revolutionary period, and the eventual formation of the original colonies into the United States of America. Along the way, "Saints and Strangers" will address religious influences from the Mayflower to the Great Awakening, from Plymouth Rock to the War of Independence. It will examine the groups of the faithful who were crucial influences during the colonial period – the Church of England, the Puritans, Baptists, Quakers, and others. "Saints and Strangers" includes interviews with historians who often had somewhat differing, but always enlightening, views of the impact of actual historical events. Producer Bernie Hargis notes, "The viewer will be surprised, as I was, to learn the different ways religion, commerce, government and other aspects of daily living were fused together to contribute to the momentous events that led to the founding of our nation." Listed among those interviewed for the program are: Dr. John Butler, Yale University; Dr. Karen Bullock, Southwestern Seminary; Dr. David Hall, Harvard University; Dr. Barry Hankins, Baylor University; Dr. Nathan Hatch, University of Notre Dame; Dr. Christine Heyrman, University of Delaware; and Dr. Mark Noll, Wheaton College; and Dr. J. Stanley Lemons, Rhode Island College, member of First Baptist Church in America, Providence, Rhode Island. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Clip Click here to preview a short clip of "Saints and Strangers".