Aird 2002-03. 800-235-8722 The daily life of the residents of Mepkin Abbey, a monastery in South Carolina, will be the focus of an hour-long documentary, "Trappist." Produced by Paulist Media Works of Washington, DC, "Trappist" examines the reasons various men responded to the call to this extraordinary way of life. The program also traces the rich 1,700-year history of monastic life in Western civilization, with their remarkable influence in the arts, education, science and technology. To an outsider, a monk's life is a shock: They wake every day at 3:00 a.m., worship together seven times a day, eat a strict vegetarian diet, and spend much of their time in silence. Their solitude, contemplation, and humility seem out of place in today's world, yet people of many different faiths are drawn to the peace and tranquility of monasteries. "Trappist" also depicts how the monastery relates to the secular world, largely through various retreats and programs. Insights from renowned authors Thomas Moore (The Care of the Soul) and Kathleen Morris (A Cloister Walk) are part of this illuminating documentary. Filmed at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina, "Trappist" combines the reality of a monk's life with startling and beautiful images of the past to explore how a monk fits into our modern world. For more information about Mepkin Abbey, log on to: For more information about "Trappist," call Ellen McCloskey at (202) 541-3236.