Every Day is Sunday!

Aired 2011-12. EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY!Living Out Our Faith TogetherPresented by the National Council of Churches USA; Produced by MarbleVision Everyday Americans live out their faith caring for AIDS patients, helping to “Green” our precious environment or finding common ground between different faith groups – for them EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY!  Hosted by Dr. Michael B. Brown, Senior Minister of Marble Collegiate Church, this one-hour documentary EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! tells their compelling stories. Many Americans attend Church on Sunday* - they go for an hour or two; sing a hymn, listen to Scripture, hear a sermon and then they reenter their lives, leaving their faith inside the Church.  But the people you’ll meet in EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! have found that their faith goes with them where there are people in need – indeed, they bring “Church” with them. EVERY DAY IS SUNDAY! will explore and define the possiblities of an active Christian life in the 21st Century.   Produced by MarbleVision, the media ministry of Marble Collegiate Church View the trailer: *Gallup International indicates that 41%of American citizens report they regularly attend religious services